About Salty Waves Salon

Salty Waves Salon opened in May of 2016. After years of running other local salons, Tonya Carter decided to create her own style salon. The vision was to create a 'come as you are' atmosphere, where everyone felt at home and welcomed. With many choices for locals and tourists to choose from, Salty Waves Salon needed something to set them apart. They carry products that are sulfate free such as Bumble and Bumble and chose a color line, L'Anza, that is one of the most organic color lines. 

One of the number one things that the staff prides themselves on is the ability to properly consult with clients. Tonya felt that after years in the business and listening to people and listening to staff, that that was the number one problem with people being unhappy. Another great thing is that our clients are thankful that we know their name, they are not just a client or a number. They truly feel like a priority. 

Salty Waves continues their education many times a year by traveling all over the country, to ensure they stay up to date on all the new trends. They continue to grow and are in hopes of offering many more services in the future.

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